Saturday, November 3, 2012

KB Shimmer Clown Puke!

Hello ladies!  I am sooooo glad to be home with my men (who did the dishes, the grocery shopping, and baked me a ham dinner!) after the crazy day I had at the salon!  I'm not sure I could have gotten through the day without my awesome girlfriends!  Not to mention the super fantasticalness that is happening on my nails right now!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you... CLOWN PUKE!!!!


I am dying right now!  Is this just amazing? She's my new favorite multi-colored glitter!!!  I ordered this from KB Shimmer's website... pretty fast turnaround and shipping, and I love that she has a shipping insurance option (I think I paid like $1.50 for the insurance), and her polishes are insane!!!!  Sadly, this is the only one I ordered since we are on a budget until our big move to Washington in the spring, but I am sooooo glad this is the one I got!!!!!

artificial light
 Clown Puke is lots of different-sized hexes, glitters, squares, shards, and bars in a thick clear base.  I see red, green, teal, blue, purple, gold, silver, white, black, yellow, orange, pink, lavender... you name it, it's in there!  This is two coats of Clown Puke over China Glaze White on White, followed by one thick coat of Tough Coat sealer (the finish is slightly pebbly to the touch).  There was no fishing involved; the brush was full of glitter every time.  I did have to do some dabbing for placement, but that's to be expected in a glitter this thick.  I think it would pop more over black, but I've been in the mood for lighter manis after all the dark colors I did in October.  I'm also going to try it over a Christmas tree green  in December... I think all the sparkly colors and different shapes and sizes will look like lights and ornaments!

artificial light
 You can find Clown Puke and her sisters at KB Shimmer and Harlow & Co.   Go!  Run!  Quick like a bunny!  I'll be here with my tummy full of ham and Halloween candy, staring at the gorgeousness on my fingertips!

Happy Saturday! xoxo Kris

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