Friday, October 5, 2012

This Is Halloween 10/5: Watermarble

Hello friends!!!  It's finally starting to feel like fall here in NorCal!!!  Today's "This Is Halloween" challenge is watermarble!

Since I suck at watermarbling almost as much as I suck at freehand (which is to say, a lot), I cheated and used a great dry watermarbling technique I learned here.  Sooo much easier and a ton less mess and cleanup!  For my color theme, I went with easily the most recognizable and nastiest-tasting Halloween treat, candy corn.

Seriously.  Does anyone like candy corn?  I take mental notes of the houses that give my kid candy corn.  You best believe they won't be seeing us again next Halloween.  Same thing goes for Swedish fish and granola bars.

I really liked the combination of these colors, but I wish I had gotten a little more orange in the mix.  The formula was thinner than the yellow and white, so I'm thinking that may have been the problem.  This is not a perfect watermarble by any means, but it's waaaay better than any marbling I've done before!


Crap Watermarble
Told you so.

Orange: Maybelline New York Color Show Sweet Clementine
Yellow: Orly Spark
White (also used as a base under the watermarble): China Glaze White on White

Happy Friday! xoxo Kris

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