Thursday, September 20, 2012

CrowsToes Absolum - Your Potions Master

Oh man.  Would you look at this.  Funky glitter with a Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Harry Potter crossover theme?  Stop it right now.

I've heard nothing but great things about CrowsToes.  She seems like a super awesome chick and the colors and combinations of her lacquers are insanely cool.  This is one of two of her polishes I ordered from Kim at Overall Beauty and I am sah-mitten.  I love the inspiration behind this polish, which I can only assume is my little English muffin Alan Rickman, since he played Absolum the caterpillar in Alice In  Wonderland and Professor Snape, the Hogwarts potions professor, in the Harry Potters.

Absolum - Your Potions Master is tiny silver glitter, small orange and green glitters, medium blue glitter, and matte black bar glitter in a clear base.  You can't see the bar glitter in these shots because I layered AYPM over a shiny black creme (China Glaze Liquid Leather), but it would definitely show on lighter colors.  I like her over black, though, since I really am not a bar glitter fan.  It's too hairy.  The next few photos are in direct sunlight.

All the photos show one coat of AYPM over two coats of LL.  From what I've read about CrowsToes, she makes all her polishes with uncut suspension base, which means they are super duper thick.  Even if you wanted to thin her (which I don't), there's no extra room in the bottle to add your thinner.  It's literally full up to the neck with solid glitter.  This means no glitter fishing, a full brush every time, and super even coverage.  Like most glitters, she dried almost instantly, so she did catch on herself a little, but a tiny bit of dabbing spread her back out.  Plus, with a color this amazing, I can forgive a little glitter bunching!  I LOVE the pops of orange, it's so unexpected and fun!  I did have to add a lot of top coat to get her smooth; I did four coats trying to slick down the hairy bar glitter because that's how much it bugs me, but two probably would have been fine.  The next photos are in the shade.

I can't even think about taking off this mani yet.  It is crazy awesome on so many levels.  Do you love it?  I would even leave Mermaid Mani for this one.  But that's between you and me.

You can find CrowsToes on and  Hurry though, because CrowsToes sell out like hotcakes... you might have to do a little stalking. :)

Happy Thursday! xoxo Kris

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