Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Jawbreaker

Hello ladies!!!  Today I have super fun polish from indie brand Pretty and Polished.  This one is called Jawbreaker.

Do you remember that movie?  They're trying to scare their friend on her birthday and they shove a jawbreaker in her mouth to gag her and throw her in the trunk, but by the time they get to where they're going she's choked on the jawbreaker so they try to cover it up?  My sister and I used to watch it allll the time!

See?  She really looks like a jawbreaker!  She's tiny purple glitter, small blue, red, spring green, and yellow hexagon glitter, medium blue hexagon glitter, tiny green bar glitter, and small red square glitter in a milky white base.  The bar glitter is super sparse, I only got one bar on my non-photographed hand.  This is three thin coats, no undies.  Next time I will prob do two coats for depth over white underwear to conserve polish.

She is really easy to work with!  Not watery or thick, great brush flow, and even application.  I don't think I shook her up enough, though, because I only got one red square and one green bar in my whole mani.  Looking at the bottle, I don't think I see any more bar glitter.  Maybe it snuck in while the bottle was being mixed?  She was fully opaque in three thin coats and dried really smooth for a glitter polish!

She's so fun!  I've worn her for two days with zero chips or tip wear, and have gotten lots of compliments!  She's a perfect polish for glitter newbs: easy to work with and not very blingy, but still really interesting.  I think I'll be reaching for her a lot come springtime!

I got my Pretty and Polished from

Happy Wednesday!!! xoxo Kris


  1. Perfect name for the colour - that movie sounds pretty creepy... talk about a bad night!

    1. Right? It's kind of like Mean Girls only one of them dies lol