Saturday, September 22, 2012

Elixir Lacquers With a "K"

So I had to get this polish.  I HAD to.  My name is Kristen, and apparently no one in the entire world except other Kristens know how to say or spell it.  I'm constantly having to say, "It's Kristen with a K."  Common misspellings of my name include Kristin, Kristine, Christian, Christin, etc.  When the doctor's office or telemarketers call, it's always, "May I speak to Christina Walker?"  Omg, you have my name written down right in front of you.  Do you see an A anywhere in it?  My own grandmothers, forever and ever, spelled my name Kristin.  But I forgive them because they're awesome in all other respects.  Anyway.  This is Elixir Lacquers' "With a K"!

Sorry for the blurry photos.  It seems my camera only wants to shoot well in the daytime hours.  :)  With a K is silver and pink pinpoint glitter and small iridescent baby pink and medium pink hexagon glitter in a medium lavender pink base.  I added her to my cart at the last minute, and I'm glad I did!  She surprised me when I put her on, because I thought she would be more pale since she looks kind of watery in the bottle.  She went on super even and easy, and was actually a breeze to remove!  This is one thick coat of With a K over three coats of China Glaze Diva Bride, a sheer baby pink creme, which I LOVE.

These pics do her no justice.  She is super girly, but refined and actually kind of subtle.  When I first put her on, I didn't love her, but I was craving something really bright and colorful on my nails last night, so that's probably why.  I wore her for a couple of hours, and she totally grew on me during that time.  She is just beautiful!!!

Yummy bottle shot!  (Sorry for the flash lol)
 She's soooo pretty!  I love her application and coverage.  I will definitely be buying more from Elixir Lacquers!  You can find Elixir Lacquers at

Happy Saturday!!! xoxo Kris (with a K)

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