Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sick Day Mani

Today I have a cold.  So gross.  I have not left the couch all day.  I did, however, muster up the energy to paint a little pick-me-up on my nails.  What cheers me up?  GLITTER!!!

This is Color Club's Sugar Plum Fairy from the 2011 Beyond the Mistletoe Collection.  I applied two coats over Monday's Happy Happenstances mani since I decided actually removing the Black Tie would be just wayyyy too much work.  Sugar Plum Fairy would work as a three-coater on her own, no problem.  She is a purple-based holo glitter.  I love the color and sparkle!

 She sparkles it up in the sunlight.  I like her much better on her own than over a base color.

 I blurred this photo a little so you can see some color play.

 See all that balding?  I did not like her application.  She's really thick and tends to catch on herself, creating patchiness and clumps.  I'm going to thin her a little and see if that helps.

 In the shade, she loses a lot of her iridescence...

But she looks fantastic in indoor light!  Here's another blurry photo... I love all her different colors!  I did need a couple of layers of topcoat to smooth her out.  She dried fast, but gritty.  I am going to try her in a french mani and tip her over black or navy!

I get my Color Club from www.transdesign.com.  She's not an absolute must-have, but I have fun with her. :)

xoxo Kris

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