Friday, September 7, 2012

Girls Night In Nails #1

This mani is in honor of my friend Melissa's Birthday Girls Night In that I thought was tonight but is, in fact, next weekend.  I got kind of worried when I showed up at her place after work with girly movies and a bottle of red to find the windows dark and the doors locked.  Turns out I just don't listen very well and I got the wrong night, but that's okay, because I get to do two Melissa's Birthday Girls Night In manis!  I did this in a super hurry fifteen minutes before I left for work, so I apologize in advance for the crappy application. 

What's girlier than pink?  Like in your face Jayne Mansfield's lipstick flamingo pink?  I'll tell you.  Nothing.  That's why I used Pink Plumeria from the China Glaze Summer Neon 2012 collection.  While I loooove this warm bubblegummy pink, I do not love the formula.  She's kind of thin and watery, and she wanted to pool in my cuticles, which you can see on my index finger.  I was pressed for time, so I only used two coats, but she really needs three to even out and eliminate visible nail line (VNL).  She also dried more matte than I would have liked, so I added a coat of Essie's Matte About You.



To contrast all that matte-iness, I added Covered In Diamonds by Color Club on my ring finger.  I love me some flakies!  Covered in Diamonds is clear iridescent foil flakes in a clear jelly base.  I think in another post I will swatch it over different colors to show how the flakes pick up all kinds of hues.  This formula is so thick it needs to be applied by dabbing, but I don't mind that.  I love that the flakies are so dense there's no need to go fishing in the bottle to get them on the brush.  What I don't like is the flakies never lie flat on the nail, so you need a couple good coats of topcoat to smooth her out.  This is one really thin dabbed-on coat over two coats of Pink Plumeria and topped with one coat of sealer.



When I got to work I decided I didn't like the matte pink and added regular top coat, which brought it back to its original kind of satin finish.  Yes, I keep a bottle of top coat at work.  What?

I got my Pink Plumeria at Sally's, and I get my Color Clubs from  Stay tuned for next week's Melissa's Birthday Girls Night In mani!!!!

xoxo Kris

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